Tulips shine in dew, all beautiful, but none alike.


DIY-ing our Prayer wall.

Last Nov 19, we asked LCO Kids IN Smokey Mountain to write down their prayer to God, or any wish they had for Christmas, to be honest, it is their prayer that motivates me to work hard in this prayer wall.
It is important to me to hear their prayers and small voices as much as how important they are to God.
I spend so much time building this and with the help of Cristine, we manage to buy stuff we needed within the budget of 1000 pesos.
It is actually an impossible to budget that small amount for a huge wall.
but there is nothing impossible to God.
we buy our affordable stuff at the following stores.

http://www.papemelroti.com/  for our textured wallpaper for only 50php / $1.00 each
https://www.nationalbookstore.com/ other extra stuff like glues and tapes
national bookstore actually know because it is one of the most favorite store here in Manila.
https://www.facebook.com/ButtonsNWrap/ for Twines for only 80php / $1.60
I provided the Christmas lights.

It is an answered prayer to have more people to help us out, because it is impossible to finish this whole thing with Just two of us.

How grateful I am, to see how  God works with small things and can change a heart and build friendship,
and it all starts with a prayer wall.
I get a chance to know each of this people through this little Project.

When I met Cristine, we agreed to meet up at Glorieta so we could buy stuff we needed for this project, it was a shame that I’m late and for whatever reason,
I know it is not reasonable to be late in agreed time of meet up.
Actually, I shoved two people precious time that day,
Cristine waited for me 3 hours at Glorieta and CJ waited for both of us for 5 hours in CCF Makati, I’m such A selfish person.
I kept thinking of CJ while buying stuff, I know in my heart I wasted so much of His time.
we arrived at CCF 6pm, and we see Him crying…
Crying because he was praising God and Singing sentimental worships song with Elevate.
I was little surprise to see him not angry or anything but smiling while welcoming us for arriving (late)
Me and Cristine:  “
CJ! Sobrang Sorry!( CJ, Im so sorry!)
CJ : “Ano ba kayo Guys! ok lang, masaya naman ako sa “Elevate”, may purpose naman si God.” (Don’t worry guys, I enjoyed Elevate, God has a purpose!)  
with that great patience, he had Portray, before me a sample of Christlikeness attitude, which is I know shouldn’t take advantage of.

we agreed to meet up again on Wednesday, Wednesday is a Bonifacio day a National Holiday here in the Philippines.
that’s when i got a chance to meet more people,
like Lovely and Marriz,
Marriz, I have known her during LCO Outreach last Nov. 19, but I don’t really got a chance to know her deeper, except she told a story on how she love wakeboarding.
and I thank God for this little opportunity to know each her better.
I heard her own stories of Salvation.

later that night I get little disappointed with the group because my Ideas didn’t happen,
I isolated myself from them for awhile so I can deal with my own feelings and emotions and come back after a while to express myself and to be honest with them of what I really feel about the whole thing also making sure not hurting anyone’s feelings.
I know, I made everybody uncomfortable especially Lovely and everything awkward.
then wisdom came upon me telling “that this people should be more important than my selfish ideas, because they are more important to God.
“Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves -Philippians 2:3” 
now this is the verse God teaches me  and I have known by heart while making our praying wall.
Im so happy that God reward my self-control after awhile because a better Idea come up, which is I know that it is not mine, or anyone but of God.

we had better lighting in the backdrop.

DIY-ing our Prayer wall.

Halloween 2016 : Star war on Drugs and my homemade costume.

I am not really the Kind of Person who really would spend a lot for a short time event, like Halloweens, I always find some ways not to spend a single cost, Im so thankful that I am particularly Crafty and I enjoy DIY – ing stuff, turning old stuff into something useful.

so this the I get all my old clothes and cut them into pieces I do a little bit of cutting and stitching too, I am an E-walk or E wok on star wars so I think my character has the easiest costume among all unless you take the character seriously because E woks they suppose to be having furs all over the body.
but I think I turn out to be fine without furs anyway, the result is cuter than I expected and enough to survive one night Halloween party.

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My mates, do DIY -ing too the next day, and I must say the whole stuff are enough to tell we are an Star Wars x War on Drugs people. lol!
I enjoy watching them doing DIYs for their costume and seeing them having fun while doing it.

Halloween 2016 : Star war on Drugs and my homemade costume.

Finally! An art studio.

Having a personal space for my artworks added a motivation for me to keep up.

I know this is something you have seen before, but just wanted to share the good news because this tiny space right here is officially mine.

Yehey! Got my own studio. Finally! A place where I can get messy as much as I can!
not just an art studio I guest,
I told my sister it is not just an art studio, it can also be a music studio and specially a war or prayer room, where we can study scriptures and bible a place where we can hideaway, sanctuary.
I think that will add purpose to this tiny space.

Finally! An art studio.

“Tulips” oil on canvas

This probably the first ever oil on canvas I made and also the first mural painting, and it was a magical experience and a great way to start, i guess?
I’m now actually looking forward creating more of this in the future.
almost give up art this recent years but Im so thankful that my Godmother pushes me to pursue this,
(she provided all the tools I needed to start my tiny studio.
I’m so bless to have her, I think she saw this little potential in me.)
at first it is a bit scary to start pursuing this secret passion of mine, my greatest fear is to fail the people I loved,
but I thank all the people who keep cheering me all the way.
hang in there folks!!

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“Tulips” oil on canvas