Hands and Heart

Art is like a meditation for me, it makes me forget the world, it gives me sense of meaning and focus.

It is like a prayer like a peaceful song in my head it gives me peace and serenity.

Hands and Heart

The best days

It’s my cousin’s Birthday and together with churchmates we spend it in a small and private resort in San Pedro, 

Had a lot of fun, actually Im happiest, when Im with my favorite people in the world.

You know best thing when im sorrounded by the people I love and people who loves me back the most is that Im not afraid to be myself, im in my best self, where joy, fun and happiness is genuine.

Love is bare and you don’t have to conceal and that what makes this moment so special.

And that is the memories you want to keep in your mind and in your heart eternally.

The best days

A spark of hope

This is not the first time I write about the organization I’m joining in,  Light collective outreach is now becoming a part of my life.
I’m happy to know I served this ministry very well.

My feet keep me coming back, keep bringing me to this place called smokey mountain because My heart keeps wanting to see again and again their innocent smiles and eyes…

Getting to know each them deeper, Discovering their lives, their weaknesses and strengths and guiding them with God’s love thru his word kept them encourage and motivated, coaching them, telling them to get up and keep moving on after a fall, a failure, a mistake, holding them by hands and  helping them to walk in this lonely and confusing world.

I’m comforted to know with this small acts of caring, with my heartfelt simple little prayers to God of my love to this Kids are the possibilities of a better and brighter future for them.
my hopes will not disappoint me, – Romans 5:5
I will do my part, and God will do His part
and the magic will follow.

Pray for me to keep pressing forward.




Photography by Wen Gonzales

A spark of hope

One day in La Union

So here, I’ve been dropped by to another surfers playground,
since I’ve been to Baler, Aurora before can’t help but compare the two surfing destination to each other
which I regretted later because I looooove this both beaches uniquely.

I don’t know on how or which way I can help anyone experience La Union in full
but I hope I can give a glimpse of how this place is a borrowed heaven to those who love beach bumming.


Villa Sebastian can accommodate more at least 30 people, so if you thinking of organizing a team building this can be a perfect place for you to check-in
it is 5 minutes away from the shore it has it’s own pool where you can chill out after a long day swimming in the sea.
There are so many inns and suite in this place but you better get your reservation earlier before the actual trip because some inns are fully booked during the peak season which is October to April.


Sun’s up till down this place is totally a place for beach lovers. we spent most of our time exploring this place and witness the beauty and glorious sunset on the horizon, meeting the locals and different kind of people.

La Union trip is not complete until you allow yourself o learn surfing,
“stoked” is the word surfers always used and that must be one of your reason why you choose this place to get “stoked”.
Learn surfing for 400php/1 hour you can rent a soft board if you are a beginner it goes along with the instructor.


El Union

I am also a coffee lover, El union can offer the best espresso, with the best S’mores I’ve ever tasted, thanks to Myra who happen to have to celebrate her first anniversary in Fnl so she treat us!

Angel and Marie Place

If you’re after the feel of a surf-trip breakfast or Lunch, Angel and Marie’s place is sure to make your stay in San Juan Memorable, they serve freshly cooked foods for a really reasonable prize, great serving too the owner is really accommodating and friendly.


You’ll love this open space dine in restaurant, really simple and will make you feel like a real beach bum.
they serve also freshly cooked bagnet is so gooooood!!!

San Juan Surf Resort.

I only ordered mango shake  and this is the first time in my life to taste Taco’s without hating the smell and taste of it

flatsom Jetsam.

Will give a Gipsy and boho feels because of their interior. also serve the best burgers, pizza and drinks.


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annnnnd this is the best part, this is the people who make this travel really special is the people whom I am with, all the fun and stuff, getting to know each of them, to laugh with them, to learn to serve with them, getting trouble with them.
my extended sibling in Christ always added color to my numbered days!…


One day in La Union

We at Twenty-five.

I woke up my sister to greet her a happy birthday.
and posted few photos of us in instagram
though I didnt greet her there in the sweetest way because Im gonna greet her here.
this is my favorite space to express my love toward her.
I know she might not read it,
but maybe someday she will visit this blog.
To My Sister!

Once a upon one fertilized egg splits and develops into two babies with exactly the same genetic information, and that’s US!( WHOOHOOO!) can you believe that????? (Freaking amazing) we were best friend since birth!
and we grow up to be women together.
The little girls that we were, playing together, sharing clothes and embarrassing family photos with, vacations, road trips, fought with, sang with, got in trouble with, and laughed for hours.

we grow up, even though we know the fact that we were twins we are exact opposites in almost every way,
with everything in common at the same time.
I could not be prouder to call my sister my own, my other half.
I cannot imagine life without you there, my life is sweet, fun and challenging because you were in it!
this day 25 years ago the greatest gift God gave me, is you.
It’s my joy to share everything I have to you since we already shared everything from the very start. (I’m talking about our mother’s womb)
until now in our birthday you are still the best gift I ever had.
to grow with my best friend
the most sincere friend, the best listener, incredibly loyal, hardworking. It is the most wonderful thing to grow up with you and watch you be so successful at everything you’re doing.
really! Couldn’t be more proud!
Happy 25th birthday to both of us!

We at Twenty-five.

Love is? 



“Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person’s ultimate good as far as it can be obtained”  – CS Lewis



Never date anyone before or celebrate valentines day with somebody or have roses during this time of a year,
Valentine’s day for others maybe one of the special occasions they’ve been waiting for,
can’t wait to post photos of flowers or rings or that special someone online, telling their friends how happy the are in the arms of the person they chose to spend their life with.
everything is picture perfect.

Honestly, it makes me really jealous but in a good way…
I’m a little curious,
how does it feel having a flower from that special someone
how does it feels having a dinner date in a romantic atmosphere
How does it feel?

but more than this feelings?
more than my curiosity
I am taking a leap of faith to wait for maybe a little more longer no matter how loooooong it takes!
and if does come, then it’s good!
If not, I will remain as joyful as I am, “being content with my Savior who gives me strength.”
Being found by God, I’m done looking for love.
I have it already, within me, living in the depths of my heart.
My savior Jesus Christ, is enough for me? because not? nothing on this world is enough for me.
I will never lower my standard because of my fears,
because of loneliness or because of my curiosity?
I am praying that God will give me more strength to hold fast to His promises
whatever it is He wills.

I’m turning into that right person, God always wanted me to be
I’m turning into that person who is steady and still in midst of love seeking world.
I’m turning into that person who asks nothing superficial,
I’m turning into a person who learns to wait but not searching
I’m turning into a person who is content with things that is unseen,
I’m turning into a person who chose not to be fearful but faithful
no, not by my own power or strength,
all I mentioned above is my weaknesses…
I became all of this things because of faith and of His Grace and Love
yet I don’t feel all is done being the person God’s wants me to be
He is still working on it.

Right now love has found me bEcause of my focus on Him, now, there’s no need for searching.
like CS Lewis said
“Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person’s ultimate good as far as it can be obtained”.
and this what I believed His steadfast love for surpassing all kinds of love this world can offer, I’m giving my all to the one that gave His all for my ultimate good.

Love is?