For my mirror and my opposite


Sometimes sisters can have the same personality as each other, but other times even among twin  sisters, they can be different in so many ways.
She is my greatest enemy at the same time my best friend.
Although the personality may differ, the love we have for each other and grow even stronger.

The days put our in faith in test, and will continue to test us in the days that is coming.

But I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,
though there are times i choose to remain weak in circumstances I’ m so proud of what you choose to become, to put on love the love of Christ, which binds everything together in harmony.
I hope you know that life go well for us because of you and our my life will be spared on account of you.

thank you for keeping us warm and safe although there are days that you hand is losing a grip it keeps holding back.
thank you for all the verses although there are times you end up yelling and saying all the hurtful things because Im too stubborn you still choose to humble by saying “sorry ” and comforts us with a warm and loving arms.
thank you for not giving up, and not giving up still,
I will never know the love of Christ if it is for you,
I will never know his mercy and grace if it is not for you
I will never know how important having a sister in Christ if it is not for you
I will never know he is real in the midst of storm and craziness, i just knew because he is so real in you,
oh how great thou art!
you become is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with you.


For my mirror and my opposite

Depression is…

…Is turning away from God and doubting his love.

…Is taking refuge in the dark and live with your own demons in there.

…Is not talking with anyone specially with God

…Is choosing to be empty and choosing empty pursuits in life

…living in fear with no hopes and dreams for tomorrow or for the future.

…Is living a pointless life with no sense of direction

…finding love in a hopeless places

…shutting that door towards the people that really cares for you.

…lying in bed all day long staring at blank spaces of ceiling or wall

Depression is a thing right now, everybody is talking about it, some tries to find cure for it, even as Christian that knows the love of Christ there are still days I find myself helpless. 

For those who suffer here are some things you need to remember.
Prayer is…

…Instead of talking to yourself why dont you try talking to the one that really cares, he can count every tears in our eyes. 

…is knowing He can fathom every thoughts

…he knows ours hearts because he is thw one that creates it.

…knowing he bends down from his thrown from heaven to listen.

The only way to get rid depression is tonknow that someone really cares and loved us right? 

God creates us to be a creatures that seeks real, true, genuine, deep love.

More than love we receivesfrom thepeople around whatwe need is the love from our great Creator.

Depression is…

An Open Letter for my loving mother.

“You will not return to me, but I will come to you” – 2 Samuel 12:23

Dear Ma,

How are you? Now that youre no longer by my side, there is no way for you to read this.

I regret the days I didnt sew your ripped clothes,

The days I lost all my patience of taking a good care of you,

The days I didn’t pray for you,

The days I didn’t read His Words for you given that your hands are to weak to hold the bible,

Your strength are lost to read the His Words.

There are days that you are so proud having me as your daughter

But also there days you are not.


How are you?

Where are you now?

What are you doing?

Are you in better place?

I missed you Ma!

I missed you every day

I miss you when I see a plants and flowers blooming coming into life.

Because you loved nature

I miss you when I smell a good food because you are the best cook.

I missed you when I see a dog playing, wagging tails

Because your tender hearted in our pets.

I missed you when ive been in a places we used to love walking.

I missed you whenever I looked to Papa’s face.

I missed you whenever I looked to my siblings faces.

I missed you when I lay in the bed,

I missed you when I see your clothes you used to wear,

I missed your voice,

I want to curl up in your arms again.

I will missed having a mother like you.

I hate myself for missing you this much knowing that you are in good place now.

It selfish to pull you back in this place, a valley of tears.

You will not return to me,

But I will go to you one day

In a place where Jesus will wipe every tears in your eyes, in my eyes.

There are no more death or mourning or crying or pain.

An Open Letter for my loving mother.

Bringing back the pieces.

Its been awhile since the last time I posted something about art.

And what’s on my mind right now?
Maybe some few stuff, plans…
If there is, maybe my unfaithfulness to God which made me realize that this unfaithfulness can lead to unfaithfulness to all the things he entrusted in my care.
Right now, my prayers is to bring me back from where my faith first begun.


Bringing back the pieces.