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Hi. I’m Donna!
I named this Blog Arts and Other tales because my life does not revolve around art alone it goes beyond because there so much more in life.
and I don’t know where my feet will bring me in the future.
future only God knows.

I am blessed to have loving parents, and a twin sister named Diane ( happened to always giving sarcastic comments and critics to the things that matter and also things that don’t,)
who also my accountability partner, my best friend, and supporter for life,
(like for forever,)
surrounded by loving and faithful friends that helped me in the journey of my faith.
I’m an Introvert (like really extreme);
I have been faced with throughout my lifetime, and I’ve come to realize that speech the common way of expressing, has been found least effective for me.
It’s as if the broken cords for the thoughts wanting to travel to my mouth.
WHOOOHOO!!! the connection between my thoughts and hands quite vibrant.
And I would like to thank blogging and arts helping me to communicate and connect!

what else?
I am a Child of God and Servant of Jesus Christ,
the moment I followed him, there is no turning back.
I visit Jails, charities, rehabilitations and foundations
I love kids that’s why I served as a volunteer teacher in one of my church ministries and a volunteer in organizations involves helping, giving and laying life down.
I hope to reach more people, I’m dreaming to touching more lives and lead them toward the safe pastures exactly the same thing Jesus did when he walked here on earth.
showing his light and love through me,
I dream someday people around me will say
people would say “God is Real” because “God is real in me”.
but I’m still a working in progress…keep praying!

What’s left of my “spare” time?
I love art, or visiting art exhibits and Galleries,
I love painting on canvasses, lettering or DIY Projects and capturing light in my Iphone,
I love books, cooking and I love reading
I play guitar and listen to music
or just taking a sip of coffee watching people passing me by and always think of how can I honor God through arts?
and Idea sometimes pop out! Voila! there goes my blog and art prints!
the truth is my main goal is spread his good news and connect with the world using this gift.

This my little blog documenting my arts and other tales, stories about this fleeting life of mine,
How God had been so good to me in my numbered days
stories of love ones and our never ending trials or joy.
Thanks for reading and happy blogging!