We at Twenty-five.

I woke up my sister to greet her a happy birthday.
and posted few photos of us in instagram
though I didnt greet her there in the sweetest way because Im gonna greet her here.
this is my favorite space to express my love toward her.
I know she might not read it,
but maybe someday she will visit this blog.
To My Sister!

Once a upon one fertilized egg splits and develops into two babies with exactly the same genetic information, and that’s US!( WHOOHOOO!) can you believe that????? (Freaking amazing) we were best friend since birth!
and we grow up to be women together.
The little girls that we were, playing together, sharing clothes and embarrassing family photos with, vacations, road trips, fought with, sang with, got in trouble with, and laughed for hours.

we grow up, even though we know the fact that we were twins we are exact opposites in almost every way,
with everything in common at the same time.
I could not be prouder to call my sister my own, my other half.
I cannot imagine life without you there, my life is sweet, fun and challenging because you were in it!
this day 25 years ago the greatest gift God gave me, is you.
It’s my joy to share everything I have to you since we already shared everything from the very start. (I’m talking about our mother’s womb)
until now in our birthday you are still the best gift I ever had.
to grow with my best friend
the most sincere friend, the best listener, incredibly loyal, hardworking. It is the most wonderful thing to grow up with you and watch you be so successful at everything you’re doing.
really! Couldn’t be more proud!
Happy 25th birthday to both of us!

We at Twenty-five.

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