Your will, not mine

First week of December when my Ffather decided to sell our property  in Mindoro. There is a lot of worries and regrets on my side.

It is against my will for my father to sell our only possession in Mindoro,

It is against my will for them to move into another place. (yet again!)

It is against my will for them to live in the house where they planning to live, simply because that is not the place, I dreamt for them to live.

And all the things against my will keep goes on and on because that is not a dream come true for me…

I cried out loud in prayer in a secluded place telling GOD everything that is against all my plans and wills and all the frustrations inside.

While praying… I give in and say to God, “Father! If it is your will let your will be done not mine, you see all the things up there.”

The next day December 20 when my sister traveled all the way from Manila to Mindoro to secure and close the deal of our sold property.

December 21 -22 they pack up and leave my hometown in Mindoro.

My parents moved into San Pedro Laguna.

I visited the place for the very first time and just as I expected, I got really disappointed with my father’s decision but since all his decision allowed by God, I accepted and respected it.

The next day got a chance to know my other first cousins Kuya Michael and her wife ate Joan from my father’s side of family and their sons named Shanty, a young boy age of 11, JM age of 12 and Baby Gab 1 year old.

I discovered they were not only a family by blood, they were also a family by spirit we shared the same belief in God and had an opportunity to know Kuya Michael’ s story about his encounter with Christ.

Kuya Michael is a very active servant of Christ he served in ministries that why he keep encouraging me to serve too which I’m much willing to do. 

I ministered young people living in this small town of Laguna.

And by Christmas eve and new year also became one of the most memorable holidays  of my life, never been this happy for long, I felt the spirit of Christmas because we never been this whole as a family before.

My family of four just got bigger..

We celebrate holidays together, I was surprise to discovered that we are all serving God,
it is true, maybe I don’t like the place, or the house but  I’ve found a family and a home here.
I found something but I cannot trade for anything even to a better house.

We prayed and ministered each other during the time we were together!

I am so happy to know Kim, Mc2, Klent and Keanna in such a young age they were very talented in music.

Here is a sample of my little nephew playing bass on acoustic guitar.

I was sin love right now with the Lord, i thank Him for not answering my prayer, I thank him for not listening in any of my word.

I just cant imagine my life right if I would be this happy at this moment,God just gave me a Family that belongs to Him,

This moment I knew one of the reasons God brought me in this place it is like God’s other way to say “meet your cousins that belongs to our family”.

Your will, not mine

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