For my kins and little cousins

December 29,

This will be the last day my kins will going to stay in our place so I asked them to sleepover in our room, so we could spend more time to each other one last time

Our room usually is an off-limit to boys, I dont allow any male stranger or friends to step in this part of our house, but this time there are exceptions because My kins they were all boys!

when these kids are awake? They were all over the place, playing around and we all just having a lot of fun, endless laughing about many stuff, stories and movies.

And seeing them sleeping peacefully and untroubled makes me say a little prayer of how thankful and grateful to God for introducing them to me.

This is the first time I got to know each of them I grew up not knowing my other cousins are since my mom has conflicts with my father’s family long time ago but praying for a happy Christmas and new year God gave them to me, and I cannot ask for more better Gifts, I saw how God binded the broken relationship this year by humbling my mother.

“Hey guys! Sleep well! “Tita” loves you all so much!” Is all I can murmur to myself.

There is one left that are still awake that night.

And he said he didnt feel sleepy so Stay awake with him until 1 in the morning, I let Him tell a story about how he was while growing since that was the area of His life I missed all this years.

His name is Mckinley, this kin of mine, started having a crush and even falling in love, and tell me he is ready to marry this girl already and he is so young for that decision.

So Here is some “tita” moves,

I ministered him telling him some realities which includes true meaning of love written in corinthians 13, which says “love is patient” and some verse in songs of solomon “do not awaken love if it is not ready”, And that “God made everything beautiful in its time” written in Ecclesiastes.

I told him love is not about falling but more on growing and commitment, and that it is not really painful and breaking but fixing and building each other and how important it is to find someone who loves the Lord so that while time passing them by they would survive change and differences.
I tell him a lot of things I cannot remember some of them. But scriptures above are some important.

Not love expert here, this things I learnt because of my relationship with Jesus.

I started praying to God that How I wish to answer my prayer right in this moment to just freeze this hour for a moment because I just want to take a good look each of their faces because time passes us by they grow up fast.  I prayed God protect them from temptations and all the sinful things this world can offer to them,  I hoped they will grow up well or praying that God help them in all their decisions in life and kept them from evil ones, help them make their dreams come true and that his will be done into their lives.

For my kins and little cousins

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