Light Collective Outreach: A Christmas story

December truly is the busiest month of the year, this is the month where people around the world finding a way to give and share and some looking for charities and foundation to visit, to show the true meaning of Christmas,

It is the beggining of the month when we started the preparation, I saw how people worked hard to make sure we didnt lack in anything, to make each kid feel special for this day.

I praised God for all the volunteers that helped, the OCC’s shoeboxes from Samaritan’s Purse, the sponsors, and all other sponsors that God povide to make this day successful.

Being a real volunteer is not just about going to the area on that day and share care and love for the kids on the spot.

The behind the scene of all the stuff, this is hardest part of the program, this where only few volunteers would work so hard, going home late, giving away their money, time and energy and this is the part where we keep on praying from time to time because some things may or may not going well, toiling to get all things done. Well even though some didn’t really wanted to be a part of “behind the scene” I believe they miss to experience the meaning of “cost of being a disciple.” It means  serving and loving God in a not convenient situation, and this are also the people who has the greatest smile and joy after a successful outreach, seeing how all the toil paid of, and how it is all worth it because they bring God glory.

Ate Liezel with Duaine, Our little Artist passionately wanted to learn the art of folding a paper.
Kuya Cyrus and Kuya John story telling and bible study with the Kids.

Praying… became their favorite part of bible study.

Gift Giving

This is the most favorite part of Christmas activities especially for the kids.

Processed with VSCO with a8 presetProcessed with VSCO with a8 preset

Merlyn received the book she prayed to receive this Christmas.

Janet,Alexia and Diane saying thank you to all that donated and sponsors their gifts!

Thank you Samaritan’s Purse!
Introducing Penguini! 

Well penguini is our favorite stuffed toy,

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Penguini and Her brother Penggy found a new home in Rebusi Siblings, Jeffrey and Jamilla.

Wish you luck Penguini!!!



Sorry to connect something very personal, it just happen someone asked who me warmth this Christmas, lol!

Many people knew I havent had a boyfriend since birth.

Well some would say I need to find, search or have one. Saying it in a way like it is a “must have” this Christmas. But as for me, I think I have everything that keeps my heart warmth, and God has a thousand ways to warmth a heart. Love? Open your eyes folks! Love comes from many shapes and form this day it came to from the Kids genuine smile,hugs and kisses.

And Jesus? For me he is enough.

He is enough for all of us because he is the reason and he is all we need.

Thank you for all the people that volunteered whom God called to serve.

Thank you Jesus!

Merry Christmas Everyone.

Light Collective Outreach: A Christmas story

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