Happy Birthday Mama


Happy Birthday Mama.
My favorite photos of us. Walang tatalo dito kahit picture pa ng future boyfriend ko!

I dont have an idea how you did it all:
1. Never been able to know who your real father is. (My real lolo)
2. Survive a broken family
3. Being a provider when you’re young.
4. Carry a twin and delivered them normally then brought them up.
5. Survive a long distance with papa for more than half years of your marriage.
6. Fight for our family when we’re about to fall apart.
7. Sacrifice your own welfare.
8. Guiding us all thru the ways.
9. Survive a stroke altho I know you are still suffering with it but you’re handling it very well.
10 Above is just a few from your whole bunch of sacrifices. I could make a book out of it.
I think you are not just the best. You are a mother and all positive words ending in -est is in you. If its not you I wouldnt even know how to cook meals or do the chores. Must have been living a filthy life right now. Thank you Ma. Super I love you and I miss the foods you used to cook. I wish I could taste some of them someday again, because they are the best. I know you werent able to that na pero I do hope I will. Im so lucky to learned the basics from you, something that I could passed on to my children too.
Happy Birthday. I love you and we will do everything for you and papa.

This post was from my sister’s Fb greeting post. I have same thoughts but I have no words to express, how much I love her.
I love you so much Ma!

Happy Birthday Mama

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