Tell the world of His Love.

Let me start this blog with a song.

“For God so loved the world that he gave His Only Son
Jesus Christ our savior, the most precious one
He has sent us His message of love
And sends those who hear
To bring the message to everyone
In a voice loud and clear

Let us tell the world of His love
The greatest love the world has known
Search the world for those who have walked
Astray and lead them home
Fill the world’s darkest corners
With His light from up above
Walk every step, Every mile, Every road
And tell the world, Tell the world of His love.” 
this song, sang by Jamie Rivera, I first heard it back in my grade school years, never thought that in the future this song will be my life story.
I never really understood the message of this song until I met Christ,
the Lyrics something that will never understood until you taste his goodness and love.

He has sent us His message of love
And sends those who hear
2014 when I had my first encounter with him, my rock bottom year.
I was suffering from depression, anxiety, insecurities and completely lost.
being tired of seeking and endless walking
my desperation to find my way and to know the truth lead me to God.
and that same year is my awakening, I heard him calling me out in darkness into His Light.

To bring the message to everyone
In a voice loud and clear
I see Him through the eyes of my faith, bold and clearly.  Since I don’t read bible God and since then I place my life and dreams into His hand because I have seen that His ways are better than mine,
I fight a different battle since then, and that’s his battle and it includes reaching for the Lost.
my heart has become more passionate sharing the good news of Christ to other people Because I wanted them to know that there is God, that He is Love.
I shared his gospel anywhere I go, keep asking people what is the best thing that happens to them and  I sit with the beggars, I eat with the children on the street telling them to endure trials and dream further and give God their future at the commuters, taxi drivers telling them that they are forgiven, they are loved and that love is deeper than the ocean, higher the sky above and that someone died for them.
it did become my ultimate purpose.
and they’re lives became more important than my own, the Lord’s  will became more important than my own life, than the world.
But I became a lone soldier of Christ during those times.

Let us tell the world of His love
The greatest love the world has known

God brought me to Light Collective to have people along my side having the same goal and fighting the same battle,
He turned battle “me” to “us” ,”My” battle to “Our“.
This person knows that there is no greater love than his love, each of us  has a unique story of lost and found and I was awestruck hearing each of them.
they came to this point because each of us understands how it feel being lost and what it means being found by Him.
and Like Christ, our stories of brokenness and wounds heal others.
our mess turns to the message and test into testimonies.
now we are like a soldier in Christ fighting a battle side by side.
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Light Collective Outreach is a group of people (whose heart is for the Lord) who are willing to serve and bring the good news to the poor (in spirit); bind up the broken-hearted; release and proclaim liberty to the captives; and the opening the prison to those who are bound to spiritual slavery. ISAIAH 61
Light collective is taking care of the children that live in Smokey Mountain,

Smokey Mountain is one the most unlikely places in Manila at its present height rises over seven stories high, a mountain of garbage inhabited by 25,000 people and over 7,000 families. Children roam the streets naked and swim in disease-infested waters. People die everyday unremembered. Death is as common as birth, and the cycle of life continues in seemingly hopeless misery. Every day, thousands wait for the garbage trucks to come in and drop off fresh garbage from the cities so they can pick through it for recyclables, trade their collections of plastics and aluminum to a junk shop dealer for a few pesos. On a good day, a scavenger can make about $3 USD. On a typical day, fights break out over territories of garbage, children roam the mountains alongside their fathers and mothers helping to supplement the family’s income. Makeshift shacks of sheet metal, cardboard, box springs, and tires often housing three generations are easily destroyed in one storm.

When we have known God and healed and mended our brokenness, spreading His word and love became our purpose as well because we know that Jesus is the only way, we understand that it is him can only satisfy.
We want people to know the meaning of love, or what is the Greatest love really means,
many people tried their best to define it with the worldly knowledge with its own wisdom, and their meaning deceived many people because of its selfish meanings,
but our definition is way better than world’s, our meaning has come from above and it surpasses all, the greatest love is the Love of God through his son Jesus Christ.
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. -John 3:16

Search the world for those who have walked
Astray and lead them home

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The light Collective goal is to respond to Jesus Command to reach out and lead the lost, be the salt and light to the world sharing the good news and help people to live a life in a right way.
“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” – Luke 23:34
because this is us without Christ, we do not know what we are doing, we do not who we are, the meaning of our existence, our importance, and purpose the life is pointless, and knowing him is the only way to walk upright on the earth
stepping against his word may lead us to weariness, hiding or running because consequences of sins chasing after us and our decisions lead to a pitfall, and for God, this is one of the most painful things to watch seeing his Children fall helplessly in their own traps.
Light Collective help them to live a life walking in the truth and in His light and lead them home, A home doesn’t really mean a house built on four pillars,
in my experience, I know how it feels walking on the streets while carrying my bag of full of my personal stuff because I don’t have a house back at 2014 when seeking a job, keep finding ladies bed-spaces to sleep at night, without a close relatives to give me a roof, I found a home in Christ knowing that he was with me, I’m not afraid of darkness and danger that comes along the way because he is with me, he is my resting place, he is my home, and I felt safe because I know what kind of power he has.
He is our rock and refuge against all the storm and living life in his way we will endure every trial no matter what because his word and promises are stronger than any mountains.
and that what God wanted,  to be home where he can protect us and warmth us,
where he can cover us against all the darkness.

Fill the world’s darkest corners
With His light from up above

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sometimes God will call you to go the most unlikely places to send a message of hope to anyone who lived in there.

A man in China named Chang Men went blind in his thirties and was known as Blind Chang. but was given a nickname, Wu so pu Wei te, which summed up what people thought of him. I t meant “one without a particular of good in him” in his blindness people thought that it is a punishment for him because has a wicked lifestyle, one day, he heard that many blind people were being cured in a mission hospital and he went also there for treatment.
there he received  not really physical sight but he received spiritual sight by responding to the gospel that was shared with him. Blind Chang wanted to be baptized so after 5 months there was a missionary come to his village and do that for him and the missionary discovered that 400 people wanted to be baptized because of Blind Chang’s witness. Blind Chang became fully blind but then he became an itinerant evangelist.
He shared the Good news to his neighbors and  people in his village.

Imagine you were walking in the very dark  tunnel, where you cant see anything, not even a small light, we don’t know what is danger ahead of us or what’s behind us  you can’t see anything, fear, anxiety, depression, distress and confusion are within when we are walking in the darkness and we may stumble along the way that may lead to death,
we normally searching for the light but when the devil pretending to be a light instead of being lead into life we found ourselves in the middle of distraction feels like we are being eaten in pieces.

when Jesus came this what he had done, he saved us, like a good shepherd he throws away all the devils that are trying to devour us and gave us his light, showing us the way where to go that leads us home.
Jesus not only opened the eyes blind physically during his time on earth, he also opened our blind spiritually eyes, until now he keeps opening the eyes of the lost.
and as the ones who received this saving presence it is our duty to let people know his light so others may also know the way that leads to life and that is Him, now not everybody know this.
in the story Blind Chang, when he experience the beauty of Gospel, he shared it right away to other people because he was overflowing.
this is also our reason why we shared Christ with others, we know how beautiful the gospel of Christ was.

our willingness to reach out to the lost and bring light to the darkest corner is our response to Him, and this a proof that you were his disciple when you  care to the lost.

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These kids are the most vulnerable to the predators in this world the devil was lurking around them, to devour them like a beast targeting young lambs.
that’s why Light collective became active watching over their lives.

this were the Kids me and Ate Deity was taking care of, and the outreach program keeps reminding us to be committed and build a relationship with the Children that is also what I want.
I’ve heard their story and the potential to fall into sins are there, because they have broken families, broken hearts at very young age.
I told them from now on treat me like a real big sister you tell me everything that troubles you, My main goal for them not just to show how much God loves them thru me but to made them stronger in trials by doing the right thing as well.
keeping them on the ground of God;s goodness no matter what comes in their ways, so I keep my eyes on them and what Jesus will do if he was here, making sure they got all they need to have for that outreach.

Walk every step, Every mile, Every road
And tell the world, Tell the world of His love.

My dreams don’t really end up here, I’m not a philanthropy or anything, what drives me to walk the extra mile for the lost is his love.
I prayed once to God that from now on His dreams will be my dream and His Will are my will.
because I know that what is important in God’s mind is the most important of all important things I could ever think or imagine,
I may get tired along the way, maybe it means losing myself, but I already lost myself back then in a wrong way,
when I have a thought of taking my own life because of emptiness and depression that’s when I found God I have found a right way to throwing my life for a purpose, and I died that day already.
When Jesus left on earth he has this one important command Therefore go and make disciples of all nations. -Matthew 28:19
I am a selfish person, but the reason I do what I do is because Him that is with me,
reaching the lost is something I can’t do with my own strength.
It is the new creation underneath which is Christ who will walk every step,  every mile and every road to tell the world of His Love.

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Tell the world of His Love.

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