Autumn is Here (Downloadable Wallpaper)

I live in the Philippines, so there is no autumn here, but as I bump into the account of those who liked my Facebook page. that’s when I knew that Autumn has come into their country,
so I played a little with my Photoshop to create patterns,
so I may celebrate autumn with them.
Happy Autumn guys!
here is downloadable Iphone wallpaper.
Leaf credit to

download                    autumn-3                         autumn-1





Autumn is Here (Downloadable Wallpaper)

2 thoughts on “Autumn is Here (Downloadable Wallpaper)

  1. Donna! These are so beautiful! I absolutely love them. You are very talented.
    Is there any way you could tell me how you did them? I would love to learn how to do something similar with my other images.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Mary Jo at STILL


    1. and other tales says:

      Hi, Ms. Mary Jo!
      I’m soooooo happy you have take time to visit my blog.
      I really really love your works you are one of my favorite site.
      about how I did this?
      here is the closest video tutorial on how I did them.

      first thing! Photoshop.
      add and copying layers and decrease the opacity.
      and for the color, the levels and curves.


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