Spending long weekend with Old Mates

September 12 declared holiday and I’m so glad I had spent it so well, Me and Diane came to visit my old pal Jast at Novaliches, Been years since the last time I saw them,

had so much lot of fun being here, i think visiting them during was the best decision ever and I cant remember when was the last time I laugh this hard with them.,

things we do :
we finished watching “stranger things” and “train to Busan” and weird japanese commercials.
we played heads up.
we reminisce our college days.
we played around like little kids

Say Hi to Baby Janya, this is very first time I saw her, and I think I saw a miracle face to face.

Up to this day i am still very thankful, he lost that USB,
we became friends, he became my brother since that day, Our first struggle is how to pay the lost USB, and we’ve been in a lot since then.
and I will be forever thankful into that beautiful accident.
this day one thing for sure will never change, He will be my forever Pal.


Spending long weekend with Old Mates

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