A “twin” Story

Left: ME  right : Diane

I hope you already know I have a twin sister.
And we grew meeting this struggles together. First
we grew up getting used to when people who keep asking “are you a twin?” my sister would answer “no! we are just close neighbors” because we are tired answering this question.
we always always need to have a different hair cut, because we helped people recognise as easily, but there still time most people are forgetful they forgot who was short haired or long haired.
And we are not only identical twins, but we are also identical to a lot of things, the way we speak or move (this what most people know).
But we have a lot of differences even though we grew together, and these differences are things we keep on discovering to each other, we even sometimes fight or having trouble to each other when figuring this out.

I will enumerate the things I know different between us,

1.I just recently realize that my sister is not a big Fan of Art; Me? I have a deep appreciation of art, and I find this very surprising and at the same time very frustrating, until now I’m doing my best trying to accept she not much fond of art as I am,
wanted to share what happen last night.
(so I’m doing this oil painting for my favorite Godmother that lives in Australia, I thought my sister was pleased seeing all my creation around but after awhile she had shown a little frustration because she finds the room messy. and for me, that is not a mess, it is a part of being creative;
she even turned my instrumental music off because for her it noise. 😦 )


2. My sister is an ambivert, it means she can be both extrovert or an introvert, she can communicate well to other people, and she can isolate whenever, wherever she wants too.
But me I stay at one place
I’m an introvert! Like really Introvert, and speech as the common way of expressing didn’t is least effective for me, and I love hibernating, with books and canvass or music.

3. She likes doing the math, I don’t, well? I just DON’T! must admit it! I think, I survived this subject only because, she is good at it.
We kept this secret for a very long time, but we experience exchanging seats and paper and rooms at our math subject on our Elementary days. LOL
There you go!, that’s the one time of my life that I am sooooooooo thankful having a twin sister, and our teacher didn’t  know this until now.

4. and there this time that she love to cook, and I don’t: and when I learnt t0 love cooking that’s when she don’t  which is weird.

5. she can dance! I can’t, and I don’t know why, I’m an awful dancer, while my sister a bit good on it that she even chose to join a group of the dancer when we were high school.

6. she is petite and thinner; I’m a little athletic, and a bit taller than her.

7. she doesn’t much a sporty person, I love sports. ha!

8. we have different taste when it comes to clothes, she loved colorful and simple, I love neutral and fancy.

8. A Long list of little differences I can’t remember.

But even though we have this differences I know our souls are connected, like a real soul sister,
even though have different pursuits in life, and as we grow up, I can clearly see how our path was departing to each other, but one thing that will never change we are forever and always part of each other’s future.

A “twin” Story

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