Did you ever find yourself having an urge to pray. This sometimes happens when we are in trouble or when we are in difficult or dark moments of our lives which is God always use this circumstances so we could pray or call his name.
The first thing we must understand about prayer is that it is not initiated by us. It is God, who always make the first move. God is so perfect he absolutely no need for us yet, He wanted us. But there is an infinite gap between God and human and we cannot bridge that gap on our own (because we are all sinners), and it is only because of God’s great love for us that he bridges that infinite gap and reaches out to us, only then do we begin to feel or hear this call. We respond to this call in Prayer. Prayer can rightly be called a person’s response to God’s call, like picking up a phone call. Whenever you feel like praying that is already the sign of God’s love for you.


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