Called to Serve

As of today, I was grateful that God wouldn’t allow me to feel worthless or unneeded when I pray for life purpose,

I know you already heard that the Philippines has this Big movement against drug and started when our newly elect President Duterte promise to get rid drugs all over the country within 6 months.

The Philippines has already 700,000 drug surrenders and rehabilitation centers are overwhelmed by the numbers of surrenders.

Last week the Government reached the local churches to help them take care the lives of this people because based on their study a faith-based organizations are the most successful organization other than any process.

I was moved to help, so I attended an orientation for SIPAG or  Simula ng Bagong Pag-Asa (start of new hope) that held on CCF this August 11, 2015.

It will be probably my first time to facilitate people and I’m a little nervous but at the same time thrilled to help these people not only to connect them to their family and community but also help them to connect or bring them back to Our Creator,

I always believe that it is not their fault to be a drug -user, that being a drug user is only a by-product of something deeper reason, it could be a family, purposeless, brokenness, influence, emptiness or deeper longings.

I never quickly lose hope when it comes to helping people out, my sister once told me I was the most patient person she ever met because even it took years for me to see the development,  I never gave up the hope that my prayer would be answered. And I praise God to that patience.

And maybe this opportunity to help the drug-surrenders would be some kind of leveling up that purpose.

Please pray for me!

Called to Serve

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