There is nothing I shall want.

So yesterday I had time to do this again,  Ate Anj my Dgroup leader celebrated her birthday, so I created this painting and calligraphy for her, “The Lord is my Sheperd, there is nothing I shall want” -psalm 23:1. Was her favorite bible verse.

Would like to share also my painting Playlist:

Here are some thoughts while I’m doing this piece of arts, I never genuinely understand the meaning of contentment, this world would keep saying “just be content with what you have” and then for some that would mean “mediocrity.” world definition always confusing, so dont listen carefully to what it’s saying.
It is true that the world and heaven have a different meaning in every word.
“contentment” in this world means mediocrity, but contentment with God’s care means moving,
that contentment he gave Us will drive us to be better, to progress, improvement and Peace,
a Christians is contented but keep walking to a path where God s leading them.
it is Like a shepherd that moving his flock to a greener pasture.

“I shall not want”.

This is the main Phrase in this verse; it comes from the fact that God is a shepherd.
which means, that, as a God as our shepherd, he would make all needful provision for his sheep, and evince all proper
care for it. The words shall not want, as applied, would embrace everything that could be an appropriate object of desire, whether temporal or spiritual; whether pertaining to the body or the soul;  whether having reference to time or to eternity. There is no reason for supposing that the sheep limited this to his temporal necessities, or to the present life, but the idea manifestly is that God would provide all that was needful for him always.

There is nothing I shall want.

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