Arguing with sister over bath towels

Siblings can be so frustrating and exasperating most of the time and in my experience, my sister and I always argue about the things that matter and things that also don’t.

This time, we argued over bath towels, the day we moved in here in the city, I must admit I never had a chance of buying a new personal stuff, so I always ended using or borrowing things that belong to her. But I only do that because she too was using my few personal stuff, It’s hard having a twin sister, we always thought what’s mine is hers, and what’s hers is mine too, we grew up sharing things and stuff.

We argued over lacking of bath towels, and by that afternoon we are not talking, but this is one of the hard things that can happen to both of us, so as far as I’m concern, what I did I head my way to nearest mall to buy 2 towels one for her and one for myself, as a peace offering.
I came back home 9 pm, I was just so disappointed to figure out that she already bought one for herself… Yes! For herself only, one towel. Hanging on the wall of our room, pink and new.

I threw her newly bought towels and ignored her, but I was surprised and wondering to see her laughing, she threw me a bag and when I open it, its a new yellow bath towel, that means she too bought one for me as a peace offering.

To make that story short, we end up having the bunch of towels.



Arguing with sister over bath towels

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