Our Family Vacation 2016

It started at 2014 when my relatives in my father’s side decided that we should bond yearly every summer,
we did an annual trip and reunion since then,
and 5 days before the trip
ME and my sister prepared to make the trip more convenient and fulfilling
and since my aunt decided to care of the resort and venue, we leave all that matters to her,
we rented a family car 8 seaters so it will be more convenient for us all to get there.

TAGAYTAY 2016 (1)

preparing all the we might needed on the trip and put it at the back of the Innova,
Father disagree with our idea of renting a more convenient car because it’s a little bit pricey, but at the end I think he seems to understand why we needed one.

Getting in the car and we’re ready to go!!
TAGAYTAY 2016 (2)

TAGAYTAY 2016 (3)
Diane surprised me for bringing my favorite Magazine.


IMG_1113 (1)

IMG_1131 (2)
making ourselves lot more comfortable by bringing this pillows and sweater.
IMG_1134 (2)
well! some of the few scene that makes me smile. 🙂 parents are sweet at the start of our journey.

Now we’re on our way to pick up our cousins from their  areas, the other one from McKinley and the other was from Cavite.
praying for this ride to be safe and worthwhile.




Our Family Vacation 2016

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