Our Family Vacation 2016 Batangas Arrival: Expectation vs. Reality

Batangas is our destination, and we arrived at 1 pm, this is where our relatives staying for the whole summer,
we finally got to meet our uncle Jesse (My father’s elder brother) and her wife Aunt Nida and the rest of our cousins,
they were preparing for our outing, we get into the van and head our way to resort.
This resort is a minute away from their house, my heart were jumping out of excitement.
After a few minutes we finally get there and me and my sister’s reaction were like:


yeap!!!Very close reaction, and eyes are teary!
Reality never hits me this hard since 2014, I’m blaming my expectations actually.
What will you expect from 1.25 dollar entrance fee!! argghhhhh…. I hate myself for not seeing that coming.
the cottages are small and the floor was muddy.
the moment I notice all this, I grabbed my phone and try to do some searching (of beautiful resorts near Calaca Batangas, jumping from another link to the another) real quick! but my sister stop me from what I’m trying to do and she said “You know! Aunt may got hurt if we try to convince everyone to transfer to another resort, let’s just stay”.
I felt guilty; I felt very selfish person because I didn’t even think about what Aunt my would feel on my decision and aside from that she already pay the reservation of this venue.
So I took a deep breath and pray, trusting God’s decision that he is aware, and he agreed of bringing us here.
I let myself fell asleep in the cottage to get rid the down feelings.
And when I woke up my more relatives arrived too all the way from Quezon City, PH, which is 5 hours away from here.
And they had the same reaction as mine, (but not as worst as mine).
I saw my two little cousins for the first time in 7 years, and they already have grown up!  Darren (15-year-old) and Nicole (10-year-old).
After hugging me as a greet, they threw their clothes off and jamp into the water.
It grosses out of me to imagine that maybe that pool was dirty but after a few minutes Nicole walked back to the cottage and was crying because her older brother (Darren) try to drown her by dragging her to the deep part of the pool.
Seeing a kid crying is one of my weaknesses my heart sank at the sight of my little cousin crying, so even though I dont want to swim in that pool, I felt like I have too, because my little cousin needs someone to be with her in there.
So I end up Jumping into the water.
After a while, I teach her some basic technique of swimming (since I’m a really good in swimming), but she didn’t learn of course even a bit of it because she enjoyed hugging me rather than learning.
My other cousins jumped too into the pool when they saw me,
and afterward, the rest has become one of the most unforgettable moments of my life.

IMG_2017 (1)IMG_2019 (1)IMG_2021 (1) (1)


And It’s  true that it is never the place, the things or any material things in this world that bring happiness in life, I repented to God the moment I felt my heart is melting out of joy,
I can feel something I cannot trade for a most beautiful Resorts in the world.
I am capturing every moment and keep it in my heart
We were incredibly Happy, and our giggles and laughs, were authentic happiness
and as for me what makes this little resort extra special is the best people I have with me.

Thank you guys!
I have the best days with you!


Our Family Vacation 2016 Batangas Arrival: Expectation vs. Reality

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