Our Family Vacation 2016 : LOADS OF SMILE AT BAG OF BEANS

pass 10 and we’re on hours of travel, and our stomach lead us in this beautiful Cafe that locates in Nasugbu Highway in Tagaytay,
Bag of Beans is my sister’s favorite Cafe here in Tagaytay and it’s her dream to take us  in here specifically me, because she thinks I could took a lot of beautiful photos in here and Im not disappointed, I just love their cozy homey ambiance.

TAGAYTAY 2016 (14)IMG_1161

A panoramic Vista of Taal Lake.

IMG_1158TAGAYTAY 2016 (12)

TAGAYTAY 2016 (7)TAGAYTAY 2016 (10)TAGAYTAY 2016 (8)TAGAYTAY 2016 (9)

TAGAYTAY 2016 (6)TAGAYTAY 2016 (11)


The colors were just too cute.

TAGAYTAY 2016 (16)
We had our merienda here – I had Pork Barbecue it’s served with big cuts and you can choose between garlic rice and mashed potato as its side dish and I chose mashed potato in my order and Papa chose Garlic rice.. sister and my mother got the soup of the day since the had their breakfast this morning and it was really really good primarily because i love mushroom soups but i think their recipe some kind of special. My cousins chose beef tapa and they said it was average tasting. and our driver order a tart I find it tasty.


TAGAYTAY 2016 (17)TAGAYTAY 2016 (18)

just roaming around.

TAGAYTAY 2016 (15)

“salamat po” means “Thank you in a very polite way”.


the food is satisfying and the staffs service as well, they are very accommodating and hospitable
and if you were a book worm or just a coffee lover or just an introvert like me that looking for a space to escape this chaotic world or maybe a daydreamer that loved spending time in a cozy place with a very nice view, I highly recommended this place.
Have a Nice day!!
(For more info about Bag of Beans check their facebook  by clicking this link.)

Our Family Vacation 2016 : LOADS OF SMILE AT BAG OF BEANS

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