I make a doodle using ink and paper for the word “serendipity.”
which also means a “fortunate happenstance.” 
I first heard the word when I was grade school in one of my science subject and story was about the story of  Roy Plunkett how he accidentally discovered “Teflon” and considered it as one of his greatest inventions.
I fell in love with this word not only because it has a huge part in beneficial discoveries around the world and in various stuff or it has a definite meaning, but because my life itself is also a series of serendipity.
you know most of the thing about myself I didn’t know that it was there but something happen and tada!!  you had discovered you possess it,
my art skills for example it happens like one day I’m holding a pencil and paper in the class and things getting bored and I start to draw things that comes out of my  head, and my first drawing was not bad,
and the whole class say it was good. that’s when I realized I can do art
since then I start  adding more spaces in possibilities  to the things that can happen because i figured out that life is a never-ending discoveries,
spontaneounity can happen to anyone, happy accidents can occur in many instances like law of nature gave its gaze to you and chose you and give you something that is so beautiful.
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