Having a Godly Friends.

I remember trying to depart myself from them because i dont want to hear a thing anymore,
I am not doing my part as Christian and i dont want to hear any judgement from any of them because of my disobedience like a lost sheep departing from the flocks and her shepherd.

But there this one day I stumble, my knees wounded and
the first thing I remember is them, and I realized they do what they do and even all the boring stuff people talking about them, they do it because they love you
and they dont want you to lose your way or lose track,
i heard this facts that the sequoia tree can’t easily fell or swept by storm simply because they held onto each other.
this friends God gave me, i can say they were my sequoia tree.
the reason i keep standing because they kept me held.


Sequoia Tree


Having a Godly Friends.

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