A little sentiments

Last night I arrived at almost 1:30 am, my father left the door open so i could enter easily when I got home,
I sneak inside very quietly, the whole house dark and quiet and head my way straight in the room where my parents sleeping. 
I saw them both deep asleep that none of them obviously notice i got home late,
I sit at the edge of the bed, looking at them, just make me realize something I never ever tried to look at them this way, 
my father had a fringe of grey-white hair around his balding, mottled scalp and his edge of his eyes wrinkled. and my mother too I never notice her black hairs turning grey-hairs,
I am always with them, they watch me grow each year when I was child but never did I dare gave attention they were too changing that while I was growing up they were growing old,
I cannot count how many times i disrespect them, disobeyed, I even became rebellious when I was at my 18+ old years
yes! you heard that right,
as daughter I am not perfect,
i have unshining sides that i am so not proud of, and God was so not proud of,
but I thank God for choosing them to be my parents,

there were the best ones i know there could be int he world
I thank God keeping them together in their 24 years in marriage, ,you know they survived their separation when I was high school and get back together after a year.

and finding their happily ever after now that they were at their 50s.
I thank God for giving me silent moment like this moment
that gives me opportunity to sit beside their bed quietly watching them peacefully, appreciate all the thing they have done for me and my other sisters
and letting me ask myself, how can I ever pay them back,

and  if I did my part while they were growing old?

A little sentiments

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