Sister is now a License Broker

I remember the first day Diane told me she wanted to take a licensure exam for REBLE2016 (Real Estate Brokers Licensure exam 2016) there so many doubts and “what ifs” back then,
“what if she didn’t passed the exam?”
“what if this is not for her?”
“what if its not worth the time and money?” but we set aside all this doubts
because everything goes smooth for her during the initial steps toward that goal
the money was provided out of nowhere (A friend (franz) lend right after she heared the plans and she was very supportive.
and we felt that something very peculiar the way everything goes, as if like Gods telling us “Go, i will direct the path!”
after almost three months of review and sleepless night, February 28 the REBLE hel at St. lukes school,
and even the accommodation is prepared,
we have a friend lived nearby that school so my sister chose to sleepover there instead in our house which waaaay far from the venue.
the night before the exam, we prayed and me also prayed so hard,
Praying so deep, i didn’t stop praying for my sister until the next day, I cannot eat or drink
so I fasted for one day so I can be together with her in her battle,
and during that time I already thanking God for helping her to passed this exam,
even there has no result yet! i I know God is with Her
I prayed things like “God i know if ever she made it, it is not her who worked but you!”
after 1 week waiting for the result
saturday morning March 05, 2016
while i’m still in a fitful sleep my sister jumped for Joy because her boss texted her a congratulatory message for passing the exam,
i jumped from Bed and go to our computer to check if the result was valid,
our heart out of chest
And everybody is congratulating us!
and in my heart if ever this is the start of the new phase of our dream and if got to where we wanted to be someday, this is some kind of success we cannot boast.
thank you LORD!! and Way to go sister!!
List of passers from PRC

Sister is now a License Broker

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