Full time daughter at twenties

i know how life is getting in the way while growing up,
things gets busier and busier as time went by
and as for me a woman in twenties this is the age where we start building our future,
our careers just starting, we have so much fun and activities along the way
busy sketching the blueprints of life we want to be someday,
but in my life it doesn’t go the way it is planned.

My mom had mild stroke and hospitalized back at 2014,
she changed a lot since then
since then her body became weak, she also no longer yelling us about household chores
or give an advise when we are on trouble,
or give suggestions when choosing a grocery items or clothes like she used to
no longer able to clean, to cook or to washed our clothes
we lost this mother figure we have in her.
she became weak in all her ways and also became childish in many ways.
It took awhile for me to accept that she can no longer take care of us like most mothers always do in their daughters that are in their twenties because I still need a motherly advice you know?
but one day I said to myself
“i think now it’s my turn to take care of her like how she used take care of me when i was little”

Yes! It is hard to combine work and be a full time daughter,
it kind of toiling and tiring
I need to wake up really early to go to marketplace to buy vegetables and groceries,
then go to bedroom to wake mother so she can do her daily exercise, it doesn’t end there she need a help to make it a routine until it turned to be her daily habit, then prepare the breakfast for the family and also cook for lunch for her (because as i said mom can no longer prepare her meal,)
don’t take for granted the garden of course or else the flower will wither
cleaning the house and fulfill the household chores making sure everything will be okay before I leave for work.
i would work 8 hours a day
and by lunch i will call her to check if she had eaten the food i prepared for her for lunch
or if she needs anything or something,
she is mostly alone during days because we are at work so after work I will rush home so she won’t be alone for another long hours.
i will by then prepare her dinner or by her foods she liked to eat unless it disagrees the advice the doctor given for her diet and before she go to sleep
even though mother doesn’t like talking too much she still need stories so she wont feel she is invisible,  so my sister and I would tell her some.
we prayed together
we read Bible, we both read about Jesus healing the sick.
so it is like a daughter reading bedtime stories because mother falls asleep at the end of chapters.

being a full time daughter I can say have lost a lot of best things in my life, like life at the party or travelling in places
because i will always chose to stay beside my mother so she wont be alone
but i don’t feel regretting anything
i feel i had exchange best things life into great things
and to fulfill my responsibility as a  daughter is the great thing and it gave me more happiness knowing I have set my mind to right priorities.
life is short and being a daughter has limits so I grab a chance to fill the most of it.
although i have lost my twenties dream like being socialite
but im heading on being a woman God’s always want me to be, isnt that the most important thing?
to became a more real woman in the future.
yeah, i think lost some things in my life but at the same time i have gained something more important
I have gained the heart of my mom, that smile on her faces whenever she see me and my sister, She being proud of us,
and  also being an obedient child for my Heavenly Father which is God.
whom commanded me “To Honor my Mother and Father”.

Candid moments with mom

Full time daughter at twenties

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