My roadblocks on the road in pursuing my dreams and how im dealing with it. (Sharing my experience on this journey i’m in.)


Your loved ones aren’t on board

I remember the time of my life when I’m just building blueprints of the goals,
I have days of my life when friends and family discourage me beyond measure
but ever since the day I have read William Arthur Ward quotes saying,
“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”
and I just can’t get off that word in my head whenever someone is trying to discourage
(even if it is my loved ones)
I always believe that there is the purpose why God allow us to imagine or dreamed of something.
I also consider this
as one of the most challenging parts of achieving dreams,
and what I do to overcome all of this is keeping my eye on the road,
like for example when heading on the highway we are not going to bump on the road blocks right?
You will avoid it, the same thing when hearing discouragements just ignore it and keep your eye on the goal.
And even when some didn’t believe, my greatest motivation is God that he believes in me, and
that is enough.
For me, his love will surpasses all the kind of encouragement I can hear from people.
Keeping my eye fix in Him, I know I will end up brave.

Having money trouble.

That’s exactly my problem at this moment,
All my painting tools are cheap,
my watercolor, oil color and brushes is all cheap because I cannot afford expensive art stuff,
But the most challenging about this? Is you can prove that it is not the stuff makes you great
but the talent that is within, you and your creativeness is all you need,
nothing can stop a person who has a burning desire to achieve their dream.
And maybe things would just follow.

It takes too long.

I can remember the days I’m getting jealous to the people who finally did it,
while me? Felt like standing on the same ground.
Sometimes I hit the rock bottom, and progress is nowhere to be found.
Ideal on this is being positive view thinking like “I know, even how slow it is a path that goes nowhere but up,
just don’t give up.”
I practice to discipline myself every day,
not letting the sun goes down without learning something new, or discovering something new or reading a new book,
and keep myself motivated by saying “I should do this thing better than how I did it yesterday.”
maybe it is about painting, cooking, reading, writing or playing music.

Feeling terrified.

Ellen Sirleaf once said, “if your dream don’t scare you, they are not big enough.”
Guess what? my dream scares me everyday but you know in the bible fear is humans greatest barries in almost all things.”
In believing people, in believing in yourself and in believing in God.
That’s why in Bible God keep saying “thou shall not fear.”
Fear is a form of a lie that lingering in our head.
And this sort of myth or illusion has the power to stop us in every amazing thing we can do.
Remember Les Brown said, “too many of us not living in dreams because they are living in fears.”
fear is choice don’t let yourself choose fears over your dreams.


Losing your fire.

When I’m just starting building my dream, i feel like I’m a person staring at the huge mural painting (the big picture),
all the designs, colors, you were so happy and inspired
but I never knew building a painting in such a huge canvas will be so hard especially when starting at blank spaces; you don’t even know if it will be worth it,
but sometimes how you process it and all the things you learned from it is more important,
it is the journey more important than the destination,
That what makes it special.
When to feel like tired we can stop and rest but just for awhile, and when you feel energized again continue what you have started and never stop until the finish, never let go and never give up,
Abraham Lincoln said, “walk slowly but never stop walking.”
enjoy the process and all the things that can give you wisdom and learn the ugly, the bad and the ugly its a part of your improvement.

And for one last quote,

 When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.
-Paulo Coelho

My roadblocks on the road in pursuing my dreams and how im dealing with it. (Sharing my experience on this journey i’m in.)

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