What Love looks like for me

most people seek the true meaning of love all their lives, while some died without even finding the real essence of it,
I’m going to tell you how I viewed a genuine meaning of it,
and  hoping it will help you to change how you saw real love,
love is not just about falling, love is growing
love is a commitment to someone you had promised in your heart you will take care of,
Love is not bad thing; it never thinks of inflicting pain on us
leaving us devastated and resentful, when it hurts it didn’t think of any revenge,
it is not jealous because it is not insecure,
it is always selfless
it is not obsessive or possessive,
love was not like how many “I can get” but how many “I can give.”
love will never bring you in harm or drag you in the dark places
it always thinks, says or does what is good, true, pure and real,
it fixes or mended what is broken,
it never gave up, and endures trials
it becomes an unshaken when it is raining and in the dark love always shine because real love provides light,
love builds you up; it is not coward; it is always brave to do what is right
it strengthens what is weak in you,
and soften what is hard to you,
It always guides you and keeps you not to get lost.
It is patient it can survive to wait for a long time,
love is always forgiving; it forgives daily
love is thinking the good and safeness of the another more than itself,
money and another material possession have no power over real love,
because true love is worth far more than any treasure of this world,
true love will never leave you; it bears all things
even how many times stumbles or tested love in the end always stand still.

What Love looks like for me

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