My Selfess Dream.

I have a good Career and working in an advertising agency is as just awesome as everybody expecting it would be,
i have true friends whom i always looking out too,
giving them advise and serve as their great comfort and home whenever they are in need of someone who can lean on,
i have follow the path that God gave me,
and i have a lot dreams that is yet to come true,
in my long way as a faithful Daughter of God
i knew so much about life and love,
and everyday his wisdom provide new real meaning about this things
it makes me whole and new everyday
his grace always gives me patience and always forgiving
i know i can be this successful person i expected i can be
a car, a house, i can be sure to be a good wife into a faithful husband and Godly Kids?
a comfortable and a happy ever after life?
but there is a part of my heart that doesn’t want too,
i cannot live this most comfortable life knowing that most people out there cannot live the comfortable lives on their own,
though this really my dreams but I know there is more to life out there than this things
i was in this point of my life that when God lend all this things to me, i would not accept it, and tell Him “God, i want to be in that battle with you”,
and choose to serve Him by serving the people who really are in need of him,
people who starves,who is lost, who is at war, who are being persecuted and who are being treated unfairly,
ill risk my own comfort so i can be with them, being there, together with them in the middle of a war,
risking my life so i can be lead them and suffer with them
my heart always desire to be strenght to anyone who needed to be strong, bringing light into the darkness, leading the lost, a hope into hopeless place.
I am not afraid, no not even in death,
i will always this person that would catch a bomb to protect the people i love,
though i have many dreams in this world but
my greatest dream actually to live a life that is worthy of a Great reward in the life thereafter.

My Selfess Dream.

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