The unblemish lamb.

Every Night i used to read my mom a bible til she fall asleep,
she too was used to this,
even do some of the verses was too deep for her to understand,
mama: minsan nahirapan ako mag intindi sa binabasa mo kasi matalinhaga.
me: alin ma? yung nahihirapan ka intindihin?
mama: yung sa old testament yung nag- aalay ng mga hayop!
” She is talking about this verse”

He shall present his offering to the LORD: one male lamb a year old without defect
for a burnt offering and one ewe-lamb a year old without defect for a sin
offering and one ram without defect for a peace offering.
-Numbers 6:14

me: its a God sovereignty ma, God is so holy that he cannot accept not even the stain of sin.
pero si God he always make a way to dwelt with us.
sa old testament there is unblemished animals with no defect
that needs to kill and shed a blood to cover the sins para magkaroon ng forgiveness. without shedding blood there is no forgiveness.
but that time millions of unblemish animals was killed because people always sins
sa new testament do you know who is that unblemish lamb that shed blood to cover sin?

mama: who?
me: Jesus.
mama: (naluha) kawawa naman si Jesus.

The unblemish lamb.

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