honestly this fast few days I feel lost,
I don’t know what i really want to pursue,
yes! i can play guitar,
yes! i can do DIY and Craftings,
yes! i love reading books and I write soemtimes,
yes! i can draw and paint,
yes! i love traveling places,
but none of this things giving me sense of confidence because  I’m not expert in any of it.

this  how I illustrate what i feel

i’m 23 and i’m still looking what my real passion is,
i really envied people who already found their real passion at the early age.
people who already know what they want to be someday.
i keep praying to God to reveal this things to me, to reveal to me my real purpose or in what way i can serve Him
A talent that i could use to Glorify Him,
a thing I really really want to do.


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