How I make mornings perfect.

There is no better morning than those mornings that are not taking for granted,  ofcourse you need to wake up early first!!

 every morning when I open my eyes it became my habit to think and thank God for giving me new mercy and grace today,
my prayer always like this “God im living my yesterday behind, it was all into your hands, thank you for the forgiveness”
second thing is
i hug my sister that are sleeping beside me and call my mom and dad on the phone which is in the province to check them if they are already awake, and eaten their breakfast.
and third
im working out my body too, someone told me “while you still young do some exercise and learn a healthy lifestyle”
so i jog around here at BGC, the Fort where a city and art together at one place

below picture is a few of things you might find in this city

Me and my sister stop over into one of the BGC, favorite bakery and cafe the Wildflour
so its our first time to try spending our breakfast here
and here some of the things i like about Wildflour
the pastry was good as their service

and i must say it was one of the most fancy breakfast we’ve ever do in my long time of being a breakfast lover.

me and my sister spend a comfortable in this place
and i love how everything falls into a place in this moment
it is like
Morning + Cappucino + Bagel + Sister = I wish I can freeze this moment

How I make mornings perfect.

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