Share the One, start with one.

Today I stop by at the nearest convenient store to eat for lunch.
I was reading my bible and people looking at me; I don’t know what’s in their mind, but I don’t care anyway.
What matter most is I’m reading this important verse, I can relate with.
It makes me feel God separated me from the world.
Actually he always doing that, he always separates me from this world.
Thats maybe the result of being intimate with him
while eating and reading I saw an old man begging for money.
I gave him 20php and the guard from that convenient store shout at him and pushed him away because he is dirty and having an unpleasant smell.
And I do nothing with him and continue eating my food and reading my bible, didn’t even bother to talk to the guard not to treat people that way.
And after some few seconds, i remember this verse Jesus told once,
Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.’ – Matthew 25:40
I was nearly crying I sinned for not showing care for the old man.
I’m reading a Bible in public and putting it into shame.
After awhile I stopped what I’m doing and decided to go back at the office, and while walking I saw a man greasy, dirty and smelly eating at the corner,
and I said to myself I’m not gonna let this go!
So I asked him if I can buy Him food and he said yes!
So I buy him food, good for two, one for him and one for me and I eat with him,
I talked with him, and people come and go seeing the both of us,
some are amused and steal a picture of us both for seeing an unusual sight of kindness,
some started to show care for him they gave him water to drink and more foods.
While talking, i said to him
“I cannot give you money, but I can give you something more than that, I like to give you Jesus.”
I am sharing the gospel with him, and he said he cannot listen to me because his religion is different I answered that like his power the love of God has no limits.
And I insist on praying for him.
He gave me a chance, and we started to pray he close his eyes and his hands in the act of praying, and I felt a different Joy inside.
I claim that God is good In spite all the things that happen to him,
I thank God for the provision (because the food we are eating)
We confess our sins
and tell  God prove himself and let the man see His goodness and salvation.
I cried, and I don’t know why? It’s a different kind of happiness in
tears that I cannot take it, so I need to go, I can’t cry in front of the beggar he might think I’m insane, but this was a great privilege to share Jesus with him.
I know this moment God will start His work to that person’s life.

Share the One, start with one.

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