Expressing Gratitude

I never thought working for the Lord will go anywhere because all i know is i’ll be working for the Lord, so it doesnt matter if it requires a lot of effort and risk, because He is my reason even I get tired it also doesnt matter i will renew my strength from whom i am serving.
this morning i received this email:
the client emailed our account director for the Job well done!

i was so happy after reading, i dont know in what way am I going to express this gratitude i am feeling because i was overwhelmed by those kind words the client send to my boss.
so as i am thinking how am i going to respond, i prayed that “Lord, humble my heart for the reward i keep receiving from serving you, give me a heart of a servant and a good steward and dont let any simple achievements be the root of any pride and boasts, so that wherever i go,
i will not forget that all the things comes from you, i am giving all the glory and praise to him who is good all the times because i am not worthy to receive any of it”

i was happy as i go my way into DTI and i tell ms. elvie our dti representative about the good news, i also promise her to give her some of my artworks that would be reminded me when we are apart someday.
so i am thinking of what to paint and i think blossoms fitted ms. elvie’s beauty not physically most probably inside.

”The Grass withers, the flower fades but the Word of the Lord stands Forever” -Isaiah 40:8

Expressing Gratitude

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