the Broken Umbrella

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so as i was walking all the way to my work, there has a heavy rain pouring along with a strong wind.
this morning i am praying hard for that one prayer he didnt answer because it was so important to me.
in my prayer i asked God “if he lost my prayer, and i tell him that please dont lost it God, because it is important to me, i am keeping my faith on you” even i am losing a light of hope with this one.
i am so upset when walking and i was crying but i dont want to stop depending in to his promises because if i do then where do i go? whom am i going to depend into, his is the only thing i know that can save me.
as i walking fast the wind got into my umbrella so it flipped and broke and i just break down and i was crying hard and my tear doesnt stop from falling, i dont know why i am crying but one thing for sure is, it is not because i broke my umbrella, maybe i just need this little moment to lose everything i was keeping inside and i realize that even i know that God got me in everything i still need a good cry. so i got wet a little and i tell myself “what a very bad way to start my morning” i got up and continue to walk and not giving up.

because in the end of the day i know, i still believe with all my heart and with all my soul that in every trial was a part of His deep love for me.”

because He said : “never will i leave you, never will i forsake you”-Hebrew 13:5

the Broken Umbrella

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