Bringing people to Christ.

Of course, all of us want to make sure our loved ones are secure, safe, loved, and cared.

And as for me, It was always the first thing in my mind, but giving them my whole life would be something that is impossible, I will always miss out, I will always fail.
So I decided to give Jesus to them because it’s only Him can provide that security no one in this world can, he is the only one who can save them nothing else can, not even religions,
only him, can give a perfect care and unfailing love
It gets me teary seeing my love ones receiving Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior at the welcome center in CCF I have this kind of joy same feeling when you receive a good news that your family is safe after a great flood or a great storm? A kind of Joy, only God, can understand,
I know I can hear His Voice in my head saying, “thank you for doing your part to bring them back to me.”


June 7, 2015: Mama and Papa receive Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior

June 14, 2015: My best friends also accepts Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior,
friends forever literally all the way into eternity.


Their first picture together smiling, yes! That was their first picture together smiling, my mother and father been a lot of hard things during their relationship and their heart was hardened, but today Jesus set things free and turned their hearts into a flesh again.


Bringing people to Christ.

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