A Constant Reminder of his love

Everyday is a really a tiring day, sometimes not just physically but also emotional and mentally.
when I move in this room last November 2014 it is really an empty room, no decorations or anything all white  and seeing an empty room really can add emptiness inside.
So I think of something that can make me feel alive whenever I got here, some things that will remind me that everything will be OK.
and that tomorrow is another day. 
I need a reminder that is real and true, so I grab my bible and find some words I can read that i will stick in my head before I go to sleep.

I found this words “trust in the Lord with all your hearts and do not lean into your own understanding, acknowledge him all your ways and he shall lead your path”-proverbs 3:5-6

Cast all your cares to the Lord because, he cares for you”- 1peter 5-7

There is actually so many verses but I chose those who can tuck me in warm at night.
I also put some rice light formed ‘LOVE” that illuminate the dark night and readings.

when I wake up it is also serve as my daily reminder from God.
A daily reminder of his Love.
and i have learned that the more i believe the more he prove me that it is true,
those words never fail to changes my life daily,
I know not all rooms got this in their wall, how i really wish they give it a try so they can prove the power this words can brought into their life.
it changes me, i know it will change others too.

Because of those words stick into my wall
I have learned to live doubtless and fearlessly.
life is really so different when you learn to not worry in anything because God promised He got you.

A Constant Reminder of his love

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