7 REASONS why I started a new blog.

7. Getting out of my comfort zone.

When I started this blog I feel like I am starting to get out on my comfort zone but there is also this feeling what if no one get interested on how I live my life because my writings is too simple, my blog is too amateur and I am an ordinary person, but I started anyway, I leave the worries behind. Because I know I need just one step out of all this fears, and i realized im not doing this for anybody to impress them, im doing this for myself, to overcome all the things that holds me back to be a woman i wanted to be.
well just one step at a time.

6. My Creativity wants to speak up.

There is so many things that holds me back when it comes to creativity sometimes, I cannot express it because I always think there is always always much more creative than I am,
always much better and talented,
so I live with thought for all my life this kind of thinking that I’m not good enough, just found a space where i can freely express it
so what if it

5. My book lover nature and my favorite bloggers.

-I love books, I love reading most of the time, and no one knows that also but what they dont know i can stay 10 hours to library during my school days just to read books i wanted to read.
and that everytime i see a circulation of books i got this butterfly in my stomach that makes me feel i was in that magical world,
i have a lot of favorite authors there is gertrude stein, scott fitzgerald, arthur conan doyle, charlotte and emily bronte,leo tolstoy, jrr tolkien, cs lewis and so many more this are all adventure, classical and literatures, for me? i cant read modern books without exploring this incredible authors whose writings is all timeless and known by new generation of writers around the world.

-My Favorite Bloggers, They inspire me, I am amused on how they share and express themselves,through their blogs, their adventure, their creativity, their talents they can express it so well through blogging so freely in their own space, like no one can stop them, they have this attitude my blog is my world and i want to feel the same i want to have something that i can put everything because that space is mine. Im not as good as favorite bloggers yet but soon i will be (As time goes this space will also be filled by a lot of things), because I dreamt to be like those famous blogger someday that hopefully there is also someone like me someday that would be interested in everything I was doing inside my blogger, like how my favorite bloggers inspire hopefully i will also be an inspiration to someone else, that makes them start something.

4.  Im an introvert that loves taking photos and telling stories.

My Introspective nature always set me apart from the world sometimes that’s why I dont know in which way im going to communicate or how am i going to share myself
I love taking photos and connect stories behind those picture, wether the picture is on picninc, on the beaches or just a flowers
I love telling stories behind them,

3. A record of journey in this life and in this world.

I used to keep a journal and write in it all the things that is happening in my life, for a long time no one are allowed to read it, yesterday I read it backwards and I realize how beautiful my story was it make me wish I can share it to others that’s why I start this blog i want to share my life to others.
All of us live our lives differently actually I believe each of has no exact the same story every each of us is unique and has their own path walking according to the purpose God call them to be.
I have my own journey that I wanted to share to the world that cannot be compare to anyone
And that is one of the purpose of my blog of how unique I live my life and how i make it wonderful and worth living.

2. For my loved ones

For all the people I love that makes my life happier, (yes I am happy because God is the source of my happiness and my loved ones just added happier things in my life.)
I want to share to the world how wonderful being with this people and how wonderful their life turned better or even in worst.
If it is possible
I love watching them grow up or grow old in this blog.

1. GOD.
He is always the center of everything i’m doing in this life, in all my ways.
I want to share you how much I’m in love with God. From the very first time I found him, simply because He loved me first
God save me is so many different situation, he save me from myself and he save me from this deceiving world.
Well I must admit this blog will be also some kind of a devotional but im not writing those things because my wisdom
is better than anybody else, for me I want people to consider it like I was telling a story about my love life and
I want to share it to all because I am overflowing in it all the adventure of my relationship with him.
I have a lot of story to tell about the goodness of God to my life, all about his Love.

God bless you all!

7 REASONS why I started a new blog.

10 thoughts on “7 REASONS why I started a new blog.

  1. Hi Donna..Thanks for following me on bloglovin'
    I'm a new blogger also and was just nominated for this award. Now I get to pay it forward and I was thinking of nominating you for the Liebster Award for new bloggers (see info http://bit.ly/1IJgswL of how I was nominated or you can google it!). I think having your blog name on another's blog can't be anything but good! Let me know if you'd be willing to participate and I'll let you know when I post the announcement! jodie


  2. All very good reasons. Numbers 6 and 7 really resonated with me. Starting something new and sharing a little bit of the world with yourself is scary and there is always this fear of rejection. But boy is it worth it! It really is a chance to express creativity and I find the more that I express creativity the more I grow it. Congrats on the new blog 🙂


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