To all the best mothers : Happy Mothers Day!

My day in Kids church usually like doing some art stuffs like drawing but after the kids do their project their artworks mostly turn into a trash cans

but today is a different among other art days i asked the kids if they can make a card for their mother

some doesnt know how to write and read yet so i need to back them up
so they can finish their cards
i advise the kids to keep their cards so they can gave it to their mom when they fetch them up
i was surprise that they really making the best of their effort to make their arts beautiful as much as possible (the thing i have never seen before,)

after awhile i ask the students if they are already done but it really took awhile unlike other art days that project finished so fast.
“wait teacher! i need to color it pa!” “teacher. i hope mom would like it.”
i realize that they are doing stuff out of love and even to the most stubborn kids at the school has the soft spot for their mom.
i was touch of what i am seeing right now, i  know they already know the importance of our project.
mothers are really is so amazing creation of God, the love of a mother is one of the truest thing ever that even the children can understand, how real it was.
cheers to all mothers i know soon i will be and i cant wait for that moment.

To all the best mothers : Happy Mothers Day!

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