“Do not judge,” -matthew 7

Sharing my story of what happen last sunday during my sunday school as a teacher to a 20+ 5year-old boys..
i put a camera to a table to monitor them.
a minute later one of my kids asked if i can accompany him on the bathroom because he wanna pee.
so i leave the others behind for a while but when i came back my video camera wasnt in its proper position.
so i asked each of them of who touches it?
i acte sad and disappointed in front of them, because they just disobeyed my rule not to touch the video camera.
and theyre all fall into silent with their eyes looking back at me so sad also and with their eyes saying ” teacher it wasnt me.” or “teacher we’re sorry”.
now as i wastch in the video of what actually happened.
i felt so guilty because i accused them.
i saw in the video that it is unintentionally hit by the other object so it fell into the ground and one of kids pick it up and all of them they are doing their best to fix it in the same proper position and place..
oh noooo.. my heart sank as i figured out it wasnt really their fault,
i shouldve asked first of what really happened.
thats the lesson i have learnt and the lesson im goint to teach also into others,
excited to meet the kids again next sunday so i can admit this because it wasnt really a very good example for them.

“Do not judge,” -matthew 7

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