Take a little look at the life of Miss Always Invisible.

Photography: Natalia Klimova

I am always that kind of person who will sit in the corner of the street and watch people come and pass me by, being a loner is my way of escaping the real world, when im alone no one can judge me, no one can hurt me, when im alone no one can criticize me, or no one can tell me that “i am different”
i like my own company, i can read books or learn to play music.
i always used to be invisible in the middle of the crowd and i grew up getting used to this kind of life,
back then when i never knew who Jesus, i used to stare at the mirror and asked “who am i” and i diagnose myself suffering for a deep deprression called “who am i? born and live and i wonder why?”(naming it on my own” it is a soul searching so i was a wanderer for almost half of my life.
it is hard to be invisible in this world as if like you feel you dont really existing, i wanted something that makes me feel free and alive,
though i continu being unseen but i never really give up being a good person.
i can gave a lots of love to the people  i care about,
being a good friend, daughter and sister.
i am low in pride that is why it is hurting me everytime because i am the one who always says “i am sorry”and that fact drains me almost over and over again.
and all the things i am weak it makes me die inside because i dont a reason why my heart is so soft in a most of the time because i thought no one appreciate this thing on me.
but my life changes when i met God i found my purpose in my life though Im invisible i have a one audience which is in above,
now everytime i look in the mirror i stop searching for what i see is someone loved by Jesus.
the things i love doing before like helping, caring others i love doing it even more him
i have now know myself in this moment i know i was not an accident that just pop out into this world.
from this moment even though i am not known into this world i know i am known into heaven which is way better.

Take a little look at the life of Miss Always Invisible.

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