Father forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sinned against us.

THE PARABLE : There are a Noble and Just King ruling a kingdom, and this King is good at his words, he made a rule that anyone who caught stealing will be whipped in front of all his people in the kingdom and one day the king was shocked that the one who disobeyed his law was his son, the king love his son so much, but he cannot break the rule until the day has come that his son will be whipped in front of the crowd, you know what King did?
He stands up from his throne, take his crown from his head and take off his robe.
He stands behind his son and tells his soldiers to whipped him,
and the king is the one who got beaten in front of his people for the sake of his loving son.

And that is how the Lord,
from heaven, he steps down to earth to save us from our sins,
take the punishment we deserve.
And catch all the whipped that should be inflicted on us.

Last night I was in a great distress and spiritually lost.
And he leads me into the answer.

And this is what God understands that it is not our fault that we sin,
sin is our nature and God want to redeem us, that’s why he sent the perfect and sinless Jesus to saves us, to pay our debts and to forgive our sins.
because he knows we cannot save ourselves, that is why God wanted to forgive us, all we need to do is humble ourselves in front of him to ask for it with all our hearts.
This what also God want us to understand.
that when others sinned against us we need to forgive them and gave the burden of bitterness to the Lord.
because it is not our neighbors fault also that they sinned against us, or against the Lord.
(“Father, forgive them for they dont know what they are doing”- Luke 23:34)
the reason why he wanted us to forgive others just as how he forgive us,
but it doesnt mean we need to continue in sin we can no longer live with it.
we need to die with it and live a new life with Christ. -Romans 6:1-23

Father forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sinned against us.

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