Celebrating my 23rd year on the planet earth


I don’t ask God to give me much this day so
So honestly last night I am bothered what if I don’t feel loved today? (because i am all by myself this year)
But I threw the thought away and set my mind that whatever happens even few would greet me I will never forget that He loved me, and he always give me a kind of ‪#‎love‬ that nobody on this planet earth can provide I am still happy so
I don’t expect much for my ‪#‎birthday‬.
I thought the whole day of February 24 would be more like “Happy Birthday” and I would express a gratitude by responding the two words “thank you.”
But when my BATES family sing me “Happy Birthday song.”
it was so overwhelming I never felt February 24 is for me because I always treated this day as an ordinary day or just another day
Never really feel so special. So I am happier ever
Thank you ms. Leah sa cake!.. and the rest extending my overflowing thankfulness to BatesChi family.
Thank you for all the people who made this day my day to those who greet believe me I treasure each of your messages, and I remember each of you
For my family, that is so precious to me
My papa and mama who leave a birthday text this morning “I love you too so much”si dian first time ntin magkasama magbibirthday, because life gets in the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIANE!! I Love you soo much Diane
Ninang Emma the best ninang I knew!
Tita, tito and mga pinsan.
BFFs with chirian who has the longest message in the history. Haha I love you bhe magpafiveyears na ang never ending friendship,
Dod-alam na, God first and he will let the right one cut.
Janila/jastun-wla pa bati bhe, namiss na kita
ikaw kasi ang un next year.
Allyssabebe-always remember super love ka ni momsy!

Celebrating my 23rd year on the planet earth

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