To My 2015

yeah so it starts! i remember my past new years how this time around i was full of effort listing my new years resolutions but unfortunately none of my list really been fulfilled even how hard i tried i cannot see the changes in me, i never get more mature when it comes to lot of things not before i realize that there is something missing in my list, it was “God”. now i know why some part of my life didn’t succeed it is because i forgot to put GOD in there.
my 2014 is whole new change of mind, of heart and of my soul. and I must say this is the most important year of my life because this is the exact year i found God, and the year i found myself, i found a perfect care, a perfect love, a perfect trust i found the greatest perfection and for the first time in my life i feel perfect, all the questions has been answered and the darkest part of me lights up.
i will never forget my 2014 and it is never really left behind because it is one the most meaningful year for me and now from this day forward i will share a story of how GOD change me, to my 2015 i know we are gonna succeed because God is in the top of your list.

To My 2015

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