Most beautiful,Stunning letter from the most real People in the World
This letter came from the students I have known for four years in college, we are going to claim it right after our recollection is over, i didnt expected this could be this many, i mean i was surprise because i didnt ask for it, or remind every people i know to send something for me for my last retreat unlike others that reminding each of the people they know to send them one.
i didnt ask and i did it on purpose and i like it that way, for me  to know who are the people who trully cares it is a risk!,
at first i was afraid and there is that one “what if?” question lingers on my mind, what if i receive few, Maybe only one or two? Well it is fine atleast there is two people dont want you to be gone next year(haha. )though to think that you did your best yet they just ignored it but the most painful is to think that no one really cares for you (
only two), and it is fine for you to go graduate and be gone next years and it’s fine if they cant see you anymore like you really never exist, being expendable, ignored is most painful thing for me.
but in the end i was surprise my chest expands and i feel overwhelmed in happiness, as i keep them and putting each counting it in my right hand, reading all those letters there are so many that i cant even read it each one at a time so i took me 2 days to finish reading them all, and after finish reading it, i read it all over again random letters there are that has art, card and long,short,thin,little, big, photos so many.

i have found the great treausures this letters that comes spontaneously and all things that are spontaneous is BEAUTIFUL for me, I
feel LOVED

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