Ms. always tossing things up!!

“My life kind of goes in a big circle sometimes. Like I find myself
        sometimes really going back to where I started and just remembering 

that that is a really happy place for me.”

  I’m quiet good in organizing things up especially when I’m in the mood(sometimes) but unfortunately i am natural born not to be in the mood for this, but this day i tried to uncluttered desk and in the end it felt good seeing that everything is in the proper place and that moment i realize maybe i should made myself get used to it…(yeah right!!! and my subconscious are rolling her eyes.. lol)

A Bit of Crafts
and on the left corner i made it myself instead of seeing all my key-chains, 
little stuffs and badges displayed everywhere why don’t i try to put them all together
and hang it up!…
and in the right picture is pencil pens and steadthler, together, pointed and
sharpened and ready to use in anytime i want.
Ms. always tossing things up!!

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