a hearts content…. 1234 and 5

  1. I am not really into blogging or writing or anything you thought i were?.. im not into it!  i am just an average person and this blog it does not have any interesting things to offer to the world (actually i was going to trash this blog last night but today i woke up and found out that i quite like it. what a difference a few hours can make.)… but i enjoy the fact that i have a site on my own.
  2.  I have an account in different blog site (live journal,tumblr,wordpress and thoughts) but blogspot is the site that suits in my personal and taste, marami nga nagsasabi mahirap daw ang blogspot kaso dito na ko nakapagsimula saka dito ako mas sanay.
  3. through this form of self expression, my subconcious believe that ill be able to enhance my writing skill (lol) and of course, (seriously) get a chance to get back my memories online.
  4. I already start this blog few years ago, June 2011 something.
    and just hack this account to get it back. and as i read my past blog i CRIIINGE. haha
    and maybe someday i am going to cringe this post again…
  5.  Searching for a new passion? i just want a new passion. this is the things that pushes me
    hitting a blog, i want to expand the way i look to the world i want to express and expose my self to a different ways of thinking, opens up my imagination in a way no Facebook, twitter or other pleasurable sites can.
    i don’t care what other expert blogger or writer or a journalist would thought about my blog (and my way of writing,)
    and i’m not intended to impress them anyways and i don’t care if it is no follower though, as long as it makes me happy we’ll continue filling this blanks for the rest of my life :3
    and that’s the reason why it named a hearts content.
    ———>well have a pleasant reading though…
a hearts content…. 1234 and 5

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