December blue Moon

Outside, the moon was a brilliant white disk that guided her as she made her way toward the jeep. But before climbing in, she glanced over her shoulder in the direction of Jo’s.The lights were on and the windows of the cottage were glowing yellow. In the painted kitchen, she saw Jo standing near the window. Though she was too far away to make out much more than that,Katie had the sense she was smiling. Jo raised a hand in a friendly farewell, and Katie was reminded again that love can sometimes achieve the impossible.When Katie blinked, however, the cottage was dark again. No lights were on and Jo had vanished, but she thought she could hear the words in the letter being carried on the gentle breeze.If Alex has chosen you, then I want you to believe that I have chosen you as well.Katie smiled and turned away, knowing it wasn’t an illusion or a figment of her imagination. She knew what she saw.She knew what she believed. 

-Safe Haven.(Nicholas Sparks)..

December blue Moon

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